How to Use our Cutter Machines

  1. Plug the cutter into a standard electrical outlet.
  2. Load your material (coax cable, heat-shrink tubing, wire, etc.) into the inlet while pressing down on the tension lever.
  3. Set the cutting length to the nearest 0.2 inches or 0.5 cm, up to 999 inches or cm.
  4. Select the desired quantity for the batch, up to 999 pieces.
  5. Press “RUN”.

The rest of the cutting process happens automatically. Your material is drawn into the cutter to the programmed length, and the measured piece of wire or tube drops from the right side of the unit onto the table or into a bin. The counter shows the quantity that remains to be cut, which can be paused and resumed at the press of a button.

Cutting Wire with the Automatic Cutter II:

Cutting Cable with the Automatic Cutter II:

Cutting Tube with the Automatic Cutter II:

The cutter can be installed on a workbench for a permanent cutting setup, or moved from bench to bench as needed. At only 18 pounds, it is easily carried to the most convenient spot for the job at hand.

The settings are retained until they are modified, so the same batch can be repeated without resetting the parameters.

The unit is easily serviced (for example, to adjust or replace the cutting blade) with standard tools, and replacement parts are available.
automatic wire cutter