Automatic Wire Cutting Machines

We cut wire. And plastic tubing. And cording. And strapping. And just about any other small diameter material. If it comes into your production facility in a spool or a box and needs to be cut into specific lengths in batches, we have an effective tool for that.

We cut automatically. That is, our cutter operates unattended, once you’ve done the quick & easy set-up. Just enter the required length and quantity, load the material, and walk away. If you need to repeatedly cut long cables or tubing into shorter cables or tubing, we have a programmable tool for that.

We cut economically. For a small investment (under $2,000) in one of our automatic cutters, your labor costs related to cutting material into lengths can be dramatically reduced. If you are allocating more than a couple of man-hours a week to the process of cutting spooled material, we have an efficient tool for that.

We have two products that automatically and economically cut wire, cable, tubing, etc.:

wire-cutter-II Cutter Machine II
WireCutterIIICutter Machine III: for cutting lower gauge wire or larger tubing

Both machines cut heat-shrink tubing of up to ¼ -inch outside diameter. Our standard cutter (model II) can handle wire from 40 to 12 Awg and flex tube up to to ⅜-inch (O.D.), while our heavy duty III model tackles wire from 20 to 8 Awg, and tubing with an outside diameter up to ½-inch. All other features and specifications of the two cutters are the same, including the price:


With either cutter, you have your choice of rubber or steel rollers. (There is a small additional charge for rubber).

automatic wire cutter

Cut Length Modes: English or metric
Cut Length Range: up to 999 inches or 999 cm
Cut Length Increment: 0.2 inches (0.5 cm)
Cut Length Accuracy: 1/32″ or 1% (whichever is greater)
Maximum Batch Quantity: 999 pieces
Processing Rates: feeds at 780 feet per hour (static)
cuts 3” lengths: 2000 per hour
cuts 1’ lengths: 700 per hour
cuts 4’ lengths: 190 per hour
cuts 20’ lengths: 39 per hour
Pre-Feeder: not required
Drive Wheel Material: options: hard steel or rubber
Drive Wheel Tension: auto adjusts to all materials
Spool Capacity: up to 60 lbs (minimum 3 lbs pull)
Batch Run Mode: unattended; repeatable
Interrupt Modes: auto pause at end of batch or manual pause & resume
Power Requirements: electric 120v (no air)
Unit Size: 5.5″ height x 6.0″ width x 7.75″ depth
Unit Weight: 18 lbs